An Inner Journey

When I started the on-line course Nancy Hillis was offering last year, I was looking for tips and directions but soon I found that what Nancy was providing was the answer for all those questions, deep in the night, that all artists face when doing new creative work, and it was the lesson of reassurance….of ‘keep going and you’ll get there’.

There were no answers about WHAT you where doing. But just to continue doing it because this was the way you wanted to go….and never mind the result because this would take care of itself. And it does.

My journey continues but rather than limiting her reach only to those who take her course, Nancy has now also produced a book, THE ARTIST JOURNEY where you can read her guidelines and follow her direction in under taking this inner journey.

If you would like to further explore your creativity, I strongly recommend you read this, whatever your method of expression. It changed my life…I hope it may change yours. Now Available at Amazon in book and Kindle

‘One of the lessons I’ve learned over the years in being an artist as well as working with artist in workshops and classes is that being an artist is ultimately an inner journey. 

While we learn concepts, principles and techniques, we find out that these are guides but they’re not the thing itself. 

To get to our deepest work, it’s about stepping into the unknown. It’s about adopting an attitude of “not knowing”. It’s about cultivating exploration and experimentation. It’s about moving closer and closer to our own self expression. 

Technique is valuable, but it’s only there as a tool to support our expression. We don’t lead with technique.

This is a big shift artists come to, sometimes after years of focusing on rules, constructs and techniques. ‘

Nancy Hillis, MD

Spring Watercolour Workshop starts 4th April

With Spring finally in the air, I am starting again our weekly watercolour workshops from 1:00 to 4:00 at Cuckoo Farm Studios. Working both in our caravan and also in the grounds of this lovely farm.

Every Monday for 10 Weeks (except bank holidays), I have a new approach for this workshop which will take you through the world of colours this season.

We start on the 4th April looking at the rainbow, setting up your colour palettes with a choice of standard, delicate, intense and old masters and With an overview of what is useful to have tools-wise for painting in Watercolours.

The following Monday, the 11th, we will explore working with cool and warm colours. This is very important if you want to have a clean luminous watercolour. As part of this we will look at what muddies your watercolours so you can avoid it in future.

The next Monday, 18th April, we will look at Complimentary colours so as to be able to control the tonal range of your colours, remembering that in watercolour we only work with the White of the paper. Now, well equipped to control our medium we will dive into our colours.

As each of you will be working with different palettes, it will be fascinating bring these all now together, mixing and combining them to create a rainbow of coloured lights…which is the ideal watercolour.

On the 25th, we step out on our colour journey with YELLOW. We will examine the range of yellows available, cool and warm, intense and old master, and how to use these. Exploring colour mixtures. We will paint both in the caravan and outside, limiting our colour palettes so as to be able to gain a good control of this particular hue.

After the Bank Holiday we return, this time to explore BLUE. As you can see, we will not be moving chronologically but building your colour knowledge in terms of what is needed as your next linking colour.

At the end of these ten weeks you should have a much wider control of colour which will serve you well not only in watercolour but in all media.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

Costs for the ten weeks is £150.00 payable on booking. Numbers will be limited to five participants only. If you have not attended a class before, the first class may be booked for only 20.00 so you can have a taste of these session, with the balance payable at the end of first day if you would like to continue. Priority will be given those booking the entire course. A range of material will be provided as always to supplement your own as required. An A3 watercolour pad and small sketchbook required as well as your existing watercolours and brushes ( please do not purchase any new materials until guidelines provided on the first day) . Notes on what has been covered weekly will be provided at the end of each class to help guide you.


I look forward to taking this journey with you!


Lupe Cunha

07847 384084

New watercolour Class Starting Today….Making a Watercolour Wash

It isn’t too difficult to create a good watercolour wash if you know how.

 Method A

Brush Clean water over the entire sheet. Do this in strips to avoid puddling the water. Once finished tip the paper to catch the light and you should see a sheen on the paper.

Take your watercolour palette and wet the colour you want to use for the wash. To do this dip your brush in clear water and then squeeze it out over the colour. Let it soak in and do this again… It helps release the colour pigment.

Pick up the colour with your brush and paint it in strips until the entire area is covered.

Method B – Graduated Wash

Working with a dry sheet. Wet the colour pan again as above.

Wet your brush first and then dip in the colour. From the edge of the paper, paint a strip along the length of the page. Wet the brush again dip into the colour again and repeat this time painting right next to the previous strip. Overlap slightly to avoid gaps. Repeat again.

 Now pick up clean water and overlapping slightly paint another line…This will be paler. Pick up more water and paper another strip along side the previous. Repeat until the water turns clear on the page.


Suffolk Cottages May 2015

 June will see a number of new work being auctioned on EBay at silly prices!!!

Visit: ArtbyLupeCunha (link) 

I have set myself a challenge to get me working more rather than wasting time in the studio…tidying…re-arranging things….reading…chatting to colleagues and generally doing everything but work. I’ve taken a number of works which I started but never finished and completed it….

Some will be good, some will be bad and some will be indifferent. But all will be posted on EBay on auction with starting prices from £0.99. They are all UNFRAMED and the deliver cost is from £9.01 (UK) to allow us to package them properly. EBay will dispatch worldwide for an additional 20.00 Dollares. It will normally take two/three weeks for foreign delivery and one week for UK delivery.

Please contact me if you need more information….

Red Blue Green – Painted Collage – 2013


Original Artwork 8×10 Created by collaging multiple pieces of acrylic painted cut paper to create the composition above. Part of a series of works exploring colour compositions with different hues, tones and tints in grid-like arrangements. Part of the Series currently in my EBay Shop at:
Now available for delivery in Europe, North & South America

New Portugal Watercolour

Continuing on my project of up-loading here one new artwork each day, here is another of my Portuguese Bergau watercolours. This was painted mostly up on the cliff overlooking Bergau, the little fishing village I visited last October with my friends, Regina and David. I finished this today with a little pen & ink work which I think is what I was looking for to sharpen up these watercolours. I was quite pleased with this result….