Red Blue Green – Painted Collage – 2013


Original Artwork 8×10 Created by collaging multiple pieces of acrylic painted cut paper to create the composition above. Part of a series of works exploring colour compositions with different hues, tones and tints in grid-like arrangements. Part of the Series currently in my EBay Shop at:
Now available for delivery in Europe, North & South America

Rainbows – March

With my collages I did a piece which intrigued me and which I felt I could develop further….


This was a playful study with a wide range of left-over scraps from other collages.  So in March, I began a very slow project. This was very different from my normal loose and expressionistic previous work.  This one pays homage to two colourists, Bridget Reilly and Ian Davenport while not really representing either of their works.



A very careful precise colour study, but almost hidden in the patterns containing some of the texturing which I have made my own over the years…