In the Studio

A new studio made a big difference to this new work. I don’t think I would have been able to follow this Journey into Abstraction if I had not been able to change my studio.

This space although also small, allows me to work in a circular manner. I need to work on multiple pieces at the same time and by means of putting some work on boards and others pinned to the wall and others resting on easel or on a central board I use as movable table, I find myself flowing from one piece to another. I work a little on this piece then that gives me an idea for that one I can see out the corner of my eye. I then move only another that has sparked a request. It is like conducting and orchestra of unfinished painting each asking for this or that to be done until another calls to me and demands my attention.

I also now have a wall surface where I could paint larger pieces. This is not yet perfect as there is a ridge in the centre which I need to sort out but as yet I am not working very big and with this studio layout as it is I can work in the mosaic format which allows the marks from one piece to flow into those around it…

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