An Inner Journey

When I started the on-line course Nancy Hillis was offering last year, I was looking for tips and directions but soon I found that what Nancy was providing was the answer for all those questions, deep in the night, that all artists face when doing new creative work, and it was the lesson of reassurance….of ‘keep going and you’ll get there’.

There were no answers about WHAT you where doing. But just to continue doing it because this was the way you wanted to go….and never mind the result because this would take care of itself. And it does.

My journey continues but rather than limiting her reach only to those who take her course, Nancy has now also produced a book, THE ARTIST JOURNEY where you can read her guidelines and follow her direction in under taking this inner journey.

If you would like to further explore your creativity, I strongly recommend you read this, whatever your method of expression. It changed my life…I hope it may change yours. Now Available at Amazon in book and Kindle

‘One of the lessons I’ve learned over the years in being an artist as well as working with artist in workshops and classes is that being an artist is ultimately an inner journey. 

While we learn concepts, principles and techniques, we find out that these are guides but they’re not the thing itself. 

To get to our deepest work, it’s about stepping into the unknown. It’s about adopting an attitude of “not knowing”. It’s about cultivating exploration and experimentation. It’s about moving closer and closer to our own self expression. 

Technique is valuable, but it’s only there as a tool to support our expression. We don’t lead with technique.

This is a big shift artists come to, sometimes after years of focusing on rules, constructs and techniques. ‘

Nancy Hillis, MD

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