Washes of Watercolour around the Lakes on Day Three.

Tuesday 21st June…the focus is on colour today! With watercolour and pastels we are looking at sketching in colour and refining the work back at the studio.

We have a number of possible outings for this Tuesday. From close to base, views of Siddaw with its craggy face and farms nesting in rolling hills

by Jan Reichman working in pastels
by Ruth Ward working in pen and ink

To woodland trails and flowing streams….

Ruth Ward sketching the stream at The Old Sawmill Tearoom
by Ruth Ward working in watercolour

by Lotte Farnham in watercolour and ink
To views over Braithwaite or Derwentwaters…

by Chris Odell in watercolour
by Jan Reichmann in watercolour, pastels and ink

Or further afield to Buttermere…

by Jan Reichmann in pastels and charcoal
by Ruth Ward in pens and watercolour

But always returning for a lunchtime critique and the opportunity to develop works further in the studio during the afternoon before dinner and another session of digital painting in the evening.

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