Join us for A Cumbrian Experience Painting the Lakes – June 19th-24th

Thursday 23rd June at Borrowdale

I have saved the beautiful area of Borrowdale for last as it has two fantastic views and will happily provide us with much to work from. At this point in time I am still working on my painting of Ashness Bridge and I am including here the work so far, as it is at the moment, as well as the sketches I am working from… The finished piece, you will have to wait and see among others, when we meet in June for our workshop.

After enjoying our picnic lunch having spent the morning at Ashness Bridge, weather permitting we will continue work there or moving on further up to Surprise View for a further spell of painting… 

Finishing the day at Wattendlath with the option of both Loch or Stream and a National Trust Tearoom for refreshments.

This is our last day of Workshop so on return to the base at LPH, I will invite to all to set up a display of the work you have done during the week, so we can have a group critique to discuss the art, the week and the work you have achieved here.

I hope this blog has inspired you to want to join us in June and I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing this lovely Cumbrian Experience with you!

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