Contemporary Painting with Lupe Cunha at Cuckoo Farm 2016-2017

Programme of Workshops 2016-2017 – Contemporary Painting with Lupe Cunha

Inspiring ourselves on the forthcoming exhibition below, we begin these workshops looking at why and how these artists produced their artwork, and based on this research we then go on to develop our own paintings incorporating the techniques or ideas of these artists.

Each workshop takes place on a Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00 at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Boxted Rd, Colchester CO4 5HH

To Book please contact Lupe Cunha directly on

  23rd April Workshop – The Sea

   Len Tabner
 Exhibition in Focus – Harlow – Gibberd Gallery, At Sea (March 8 – April 28) presents work by four artists, Norman Ackroyd RA CBE, Simon Carter, Maggi Hambling CBE and Len Tabner, who each take their inspiration from the beauty, diversity and unpredictability of the sea. Inspired by the gallery’s collection of 20th century watercolours, each of the acclaimed artists has responded to the theme in their own unique style.


21st May Workshop – Flowers Abstracted

 Given the recent exhibition at The Royal Academy’s Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse as well as the current exhibition at the National Gallery’s Dutch Flowers (April 6 – August 29) as well as its artist in residence, George Shaw, reveals the work using Humbrol enamel he has produced in response we will be going out into the Garden at Cuckoo Farm and converting the gardens there into a Contemporary Abstract enriched by these other exhibitions for this month’s Workshop.

25th June Workshop – The Unconscious Mind

This workshop will focus on an abstract subject, The Unconscious Mind inspired by The Wellcome Collection’s first new exhibition of 2016 is States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness(February 4 2016 – October 16) an intriguing look at the slippery subject of human consciousness and “the phenomena around its edges


16th July Workshops – Large Watercolour Abstracts  

Inspired on both the work of the exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, featuring the bold colours, fluid forms and dense rich patterns of Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings (June 25 – September 25). Georgiana Houghton (b. 1814) was a Spiritualist medium who, in the 1860s and 70s, produced an astonishing series of largely abstract watercolours. Detailed explanations on the back of the works declare that her hand was guided by various spirits, including several Renaissance artists, as well as higher angelic beings; and also the American Absteact Expressionist Helen Frankenthaler, who used great washes of acrylic in a watercolour style approach for her Colour Field paintings. We will be working BIG in this workshop…
20th Aug Workshop – Enlarged Details

Working for the first time in Oils in our workshops, we will need this medium to provide the smoothness of finish required for this style of work as inspired by the Tate Modern exhibition – Georgia O’Keeffe (July 6 – October 30), which promises to be an in-depth retrospective and the first “important solo institutional exhibition” of the Modernist artist’s glowing landscapes and “feminizing” flower canvasses in the UK for a generation


24th Sep Workshop – Portraits 

Looking at Hockney, Auerbach, & others, for this workshop we will be looking at artist’s portraits, contrasting styles and influenced by David Hockney RA: 79 Portraits (July 2 – October 2). After immersing himself in the Yorkshire landscape Hockney took a rest from painting, returned to LA where he eventually rediscovered his passion for portraiture.


22nd Oct – America Abstract Expressionists

   Jackson Pollock
Royal Academy- Alongside, the RA takes a world view of one of the most New York of artistic movements, in Abstract Expressionism (September 24 2016 – January 2 2017), which features works by Kline, Pollock, Rothko, Newman, Still, de Kooning, Smith, Reinhardt and Gorky, as well as lesser-known – but no less influential – artists. 


26th Nov – Paul Nash

Tate Britain – Autumn sees one of Britain’s greatest twentieth century painters return to the gallery for a major exhibition that will be one of several great painting shows in London in 2016. Paul Nash (October 26 2016 – March 5 2017) will journey from his early symbolism through the iconic works of the First World War, the interwar period and his involvement with Surrealism and his post-war landscape series. A major show, about a major figure


14th Jan 2017 – Robert Rauschenberg

 Tate Modern sees out the year with a giant of 20th century post war art in one of its new spaces. Robert Rauschenberg (December 1 2016 – April 2 2017) will follow each chapter of the American artist’s six-decade career with major works including “loans that rarely travel”. Among them will be the Combines; Rauchenberg’s famous hybrids between painting and sculpture, as well as his graphic screenprints which signaled his early commitment to political activism.
To Book on any of the above workshops please contact Lupe Cunha on

Each is an all day workshop from 10:00 to 4:00 at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Boxted Rd, Colchester CO4 5HH

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