New watercolour Class Starting Today….Making a Watercolour Wash

It isn’t too difficult to create a good watercolour wash if you know how.

 Method A

Brush Clean water over the entire sheet. Do this in strips to avoid puddling the water. Once finished tip the paper to catch the light and you should see a sheen on the paper.

Take your watercolour palette and wet the colour you want to use for the wash. To do this dip your brush in clear water and then squeeze it out over the colour. Let it soak in and do this again… It helps release the colour pigment.

Pick up the colour with your brush and paint it in strips until the entire area is covered.

Method B – Graduated Wash

Working with a dry sheet. Wet the colour pan again as above.

Wet your brush first and then dip in the colour. From the edge of the paper, paint a strip along the length of the page. Wet the brush again dip into the colour again and repeat this time painting right next to the previous strip. Overlap slightly to avoid gaps. Repeat again.

 Now pick up clean water and overlapping slightly paint another line…This will be paler. Pick up more water and paper another strip along side the previous. Repeat until the water turns clear on the page.


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