Lupe Cunha’s Artist Statement

Colour Grid by Lupe Cunha, 25th June to 6th July


In this exhibition of entirely new paintings Lupe Cunha, this Brazilian artist now based in Hertford, explores in depth the world of colour. In this showing of her work, Lupe immerses herself in this fascinating world and explores temperature, tone and saturation.

This exhibition started out as an attempt to move into pure abstraction looking at non-figurative shapes, influence by artists such as Patrick Heron, John Hoyland, and Mark Rothko, being inspired by these artists to push her own work into a very personal statement through this intense exploration of colour relationships and visual language. A number of the collages which can be found in the browsers shows this early development of this work, the inspiration source that began the exploration of colour shifts which she explores in depth in this work.

However art is often outside of our control and a sudden and unexpected trip to Brazil, to Rio and then Sao Paolo, after this initial phase, took it in new directions. While continuing to work with this colour shifts she has been exploring, the location began to take over the subject matter. Some of the paintings she was doing as distraction while dealing with business matter sudden took life and demanded to be portrayed in this abstracted palette.

On her return, while still working on some very abstract pieces, inspired on artists and works she had been looking at recently. The concept of the grid which was originally to be the subject of the exhibition became the background structure on which Lupe’s most recent experiences of this land of her birth, presented themselves.

While on the wall are the final exhibition pieces, she felt that many of the works undertaken in the preparation and development of this show, also deserved a showing as independent pieces and so have been included in the browser which in itself serves to outline the progress of the exhibition.



‘‘I dedicate this exhibition to my daughter, Pia, who not only has given me a most beautiful granddaughter, Jennifer Joyce (JJ) while I was developing this exhibition but also provided me with valuable input on the work making me demand more of myself and not be afraid of raising even higher my artistic standards.’’


LUPE CUNHA MA Fine Art – June 2013

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