Studies in Red – February

One of the collages I did early on I felt had a lot of potential and I wanted to make it one of the key pieces in the show.  I called it simply…

Red Abstract 1

Red Abstract

I felt it was so strong that while I was planning on enlarging it, it was strong enough even in study form to be used as the key image to promote the exhibition….

In Brasil, I continued to work this image….this time working in acrylic…

RedAbstract 2

and back here again on a larger canvas.  I continued working it…and working it…until the final exhibition piece was complete.


A final image which has been worth the wait as I feel that while it has stretched me, the result has as much and then more as its first conception. It was originally inspired on the work of Mark Rothko and his Seagram Murals. But while inspired on his work, I wanted it to be fully mine and not a derivative piece. With this RED ABSTRACT I feel I achieved this, paying homage to an artist I admire while producing something that is very much my own.

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