Finding my Artist’s Voice

Over the years I have explored many courses, not so much to learn to paint but to find my voice. I can paint in many mediums and in many techniques, in fact nowadays I teach many of these in workshops which are well received. But for equally as long I have still struggled to find what I wanted to paint.

I learnt to love paintings from my father who was also an artist but who died many years back when I was in my thirties. And I think that when he died, I lost my way.

The thing is that my father painted abstracts and taught to love these. But once he was gone I could not find my way into paintings these.

What is so difficult about painting an abstract…it’s just throwing painting on the canvas, isn’t it?

No, that is not what it is! Throwing paint just produces a messy canvas…

But it is the most difficult technique to teach, because more often then not it is taught on the basis of ‘follow my example, do as I do’.

And that is someone else’s voice…not mine.

So, this is a blog of my journey…

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